If you are looking to launch your career or ready to make a change in your professional (or personal) life and want 1-on-1 guidance and support then you may be ready for the



By making a decision to invest in yourself and embrace the concepts of the program, you will understand exactly what makes you tick, and you will be empowered to design a leadership path where you can have fulfillment and satisfaction by adding value, making money and being recognized for the skills you bring to the table.

I’m talking about a process that, when followed, will boost your spirits, help you get clarity on the next steps to take in your professional or personal life, and catapult you into a future you’ve always dreamed about.

I have designed a program that provides a powerful, life changing, coaching opportunity to get you through to your next awesome job and develop a life style in which you can thrive. Regardless of your circumstances and where you are currently, you will be able to clearly make a decision on what it is you want and have the tools to take action to move quickly in the direction of your dreams. You are NOT a victim of your circumstances and you will understand, by going through the process and exercises, exactly why you are where you are, what may be blocking you and how you can create a transformation in your work-life through your own personal growth.

Regardless of what is currently happening in your life, you will face your fears, look at what may be holding you back so you can leave that in the past. This program will not only help you professionally, it can also transform your life on every level: spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially by using the tools of the program.

These benefits could be yours:

  • You will uncover your purpose for living and launch or change your career path
  • You will develop a plan of action on exactly what to do next to get where you want to be in your chosen profession
  • Your relationships with your colleagues and loved ones will become more peaceful or will change
  • You will find a new meaning and a new happiness in life and be more relaxed
  • You will become more empowered to take control of your assignments at work by responding, not reacting
  • You will be more comfortable with who you are as a leader and open to the flow of what the Universe has to offer you
  • You will become more connected to your inner guidance system, your intuition, so you can make better decisions
  • Your job will improve or change because your attitude and outlook on life will change
  • You will be guided to understanding your true inner gifts and how you can tap into your best self so you can be of service to others. It is through service that we find our deepest happiness
  • Your relationship with yourself will improve dramatically and you will understand how to get all of your human needs met

I live my life dedicated to personal growth. It is my belief that by working on improving my thoughts, listening to my intuition and helping others to do what they should be doing to be their best selves, then I can fulfill my purpose on earth which is why I’ve developed this program.

Please Note: I am not a licensed professional counselor or psychiatrist. I am trained to offer leadership and career advice with spiritual assistance within the framework of peer relationships. My experience and education provides me with the tools to guide you through a process where you can do your own personal introspection and use the tools I used to make a miracle transformation in my own life. If you feel that your condition or circumstance is serious enough to warrant professional guidance counseling, formal psychological assistance, or psychiatric medical intervention, please consult with an accredited, credentialed, and licensed Care Provider.

The Leadership Empowerment Action Program is a proven program that has helped countless number of people to move through a transition into living a personally designed career and empowered life.

During the course of the program you will be invited to dive deep into honoring who you really are to discover your gifts, your greatness and how to best use them to be of service in the world.

Together we will remove blocks and open doors to create the future you’ve always dreamed about.

This is a One-on-One Mentoring Program (Group Programs are offered periodically with the next one coming in January of 2017)

This is a private and safe relationship between you and I.  During our sessions either face to face, Zoom or phone call, we first discuss your personal life circumstances. What changes would you like to see in your life/job and what is the gap between your reality and what you would like your life or job to be like in the future.

We’ll meet for a 1/2 day VIP session and then a set schedule for 3 months. You will be able to make lasting changes in your life. You will understand your needs, patterns, values, strengths as we go through a series of exercises tailored for you and your situation.

You will gain a lot of insight into your patterns, how you think and therefore how you have created what you are currently experiencing. I will teach you the skills to break your destructive cycles and how you can better align your life to create harmony and remove energetic blocks to create a life you love.

You will become more in-tuned with your inner guidance system and you will make better decisions by following your own knowing.

This will take commitment and discipline but you will begin to see results almost immediately as you discover and have many “ah-ha” moments throughout the process.

The more time you put into the process the more you will get out of it. Having a coach to report back to and share your growth keeps you working harder to achieve your goals faster and more effectively than doing it alone.

I’m looking for people who inspire me. Is that you? Let’s find out!