Frequently Asked Questions

What is it that you do during coaching sessions?

I hold confidential and sacred space with everyone I work with so you have a unique opportunity to deepen your awareness, overcome your life obstacles and enhance the quality of your life regardless of whether we are working alone together or in a group environment.

As a trainer and mentor, I will help you to tap into the unlimited knowledge and source that is your own treasure trove within. I will guide you there! When working 1-on-1 we will review your goals and beliefs; examine your past traumas and resentments; uncover your values and strengths; and design a practice to tap into your intuition more deeply to not only remove blocks that are holding you back but to reach forward and create a future that you truly love knowing that you can reach any goal you set for yourself.

I will provide you with the path, tools, process and encouragement but you will take the leap of action. You provide the willingness, do the introspective work, face the truth about yourself (which is totally awesome BTW), take action and together we will create a plan for building a bridge to get you to your uniquely crafted realistic future.

Everyone is a unique being, so my coaching sessions will be based around your specific needs to modify the empowerment program described above.

I work with leaders who are courageous enough to take a step into the unknown and live the life they were meant to live. Stepping into the unknown when it’s dark and scary is unnecessary. It’s much easier when you have a mentor to help light the way. You don’t have to do it alone!

I can help you bring out greatness in yourself so you can create the life of your dreams! Are you ready to step (leap) into your personal POWER, and transform your life? Let’s power-up your higher self!

What is the Leadership Empowerment coaching process?

This is a unique program I have designed based on my 30 years of personal and professional experience using tools and techniques from the best personal development gurus of all time. I have studied a plethora of self-help authors, 12 step programs, religious and spiritual philosophies and I have applied many of them in my life. I took the best of what has given me, and others, a clear sense of personal empowerment to create a deep and lasting change in my life. I combined these tools with my professional training and coaching experience, and my college education, to design a program for women who are ready to transform in any area of their life.

This program has been created to help you look squarely at your life, get past what doesn’t matter anymore and create a better future using the best of your personal gifts and strengths. You have the power to assign meaning to anything you want in your life and you can also change long held beliefs that no longer serve you.

You will find your voice, take back your power, unleash your potential and fully embrace living in the present while creating a magnificent future that you design. That’s the result of Life Empowerment coaching!

How do I hire you as my mentor or get enrolled in class?

Please contact me via email at maureen@maureenrossgemme.com or call me at 860-989-6506. Or click on Contact Me and fill out the form. We’ll set up a 45 minute phone strategy session to connect, talk about your goals and decide if we should work together. If we both think it’s a good fit we’ll discuss the costs and payment options then set up our first session.

How are results measured?

If you do the assignments, can become consciously aware of your thinking patterns and are honest with your self, I promise that you will experience results in your life. If you accept the responsibility to change your life, take action each week to move through the exercises, you will be changed. It’s all up to you. I have seen absolutely miraculous results in my own life and from many others who have worked with these tools. It’s all relative to what is happening in your life at the time. If you are a woman who is struggling to find your voice in life, this program will empower you. If you are looking to build your self-esteem, you will be amazed at how fast it will come once you understand your patterns, values and vision. You will no longer blame others for what is happening in your life. You will understand why you do what you do and you will know how you got where you are now. You will be able to forgive yourself and others to let go of the past. You will also have a plan of action and be empowered to take the journey of making positive, life transforming changes to live a life filled with gratitude, love and unlimited joy. You decide on the amount of results and you reap the benefits. It’s ALL possible!