Are you a person who is ready to step into a leadership role and the next level of awesome in your life?

  • Would you like to have excellent relationships with everyone you meet?

  • Would you like to get paid what you think you are worth?

  • Would you like to be positioned to get the best assignments at work?

  • Are you ready to step up, be in the spot light and recognized for the value that you bring to the table?

  • Do you know you have high potential but are not tapping into it?

  • Are you self-aware and conscious of your strengths and weaknesses?


Are you feeling any of this?

  • Unhappy with life overall and at times filled with anxiety?

  • Feeling stuck and not moving forward in your job?

  • Overwhelmed or worried things won’t get much better?

  • Waiting for someone to change?

  • Waiting for someone to see your potential and mentor you?

  • Confused as to how to make your next move in love or work?

  • Ready to make lasting changes and begin living a live you love?


Then you are in the right place!

I work with professionals who are ready to move forward in their career, feeling unsure about their next move, but know they have so much more to offer and want to make more money.

As an educator and mentor for over 30 years in business I am known as the Emergent Leadership Mentor.  I have created training and coaching programs to enable you to navigate the secrets of the world so you can create an awesome adventure, make great money and have unlimited happiness in love too.


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Check out the leadership course catalog of training available to businesses. Enable your company to grow by giving your team the skills they need to be highly productive and successful.

Maureen has had the privilege of working with the following organizations:


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