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MaureenRossGemme2Are you ready to emerge as a self-assured leader of your life?

Have you ever felt that you were not living the life you were meant to live? I mean that feeling that you have so much more to offer but your employer isn’t tapping into your full potential?

Or maybe you don’t want to play full out in your job because they just aren’t paying you enough?

Or maybe you just don’t even know what you really want to do with your life. Or let’s say you know exactly what you want to do but have no idea how to get there. Is this your situation?

I’ve totally been there. I know what it’s like to be stuck in a job and unsure if I should stay or move on. And if so, where?

I was in a place in my early 20’s that I had so many dreams but had no clue how to even begin to make them a reality.

I remember a time when I actually hated myself, who I was becoming and what I had done. I had ruined my reputation in my circle of friends and with my boss.

I ran and ran and ran away trying to escape from myself. I was sick with guilt and shame.

I moved 18 times between the ages of 17 & 25. I was trying to figure out who I was but you see, I had started to drink when I was 13 years old and by 15 I was an alcoholic, drinking, taking drugs and I was focused on escaping my feelings.

I barely graduated from High School but when I did, I  immediately got a job working in a bar. Not good. (The drinking age was 18 then.)

Without going into the whole sad story of my early drama, let’s suffice it to say that I hit bottom. It was early in 1985 and I was living in Austin, Texas.

I just wanted to be happy but no amount of escape could give it to me.

I reached out for help and I was able to kick my habit. This allowed me to begin on the path of personal growth and spirituality which completely transformed my life.

I became in tune with who I was and I began to settle into who I wanted to be.

I completely turned my life around so I know that you can too! You don’t have to be crazy or on drugs to feel lost and confused.

We are conditioned from early in life by our parents and caregivers and sometimes we have to be what we are not in order to figure out who we are.

We all have a unique brilliance, and it is my gift that I can help you see that and align with it.

After many years of working in a professional corporate environment in HR and training & development, going to school, raising a family, I am now dedicating myself to educating and helping you to bring out the best in others and help leaders emerge at work.

If we can maximize our potential then life will be a much more fun, enriching and an empowering experience every day!

I’ve compiled my 30 years of learning and training expertise into a curriculum that isn’t taught in college. It’s a course everyone should take if you want to create a life of your dreams. It’s called “A Course About Life!”

When you work with me you will know exactly who you are and where you are going. You will understand how the Universe works and how to have it work for you.

You will design a life that you are thrilled and enthusiastic about and you will have a detailed plan to achieve what you desire.

Take action and emerge as a leader in your life.


About Maureen Ross Gemme, MS Ed.

Maureen’s passion and enthusiasm are clearly demonstrated in her dynamic speaking style. She has a skill for connecting and relating to people in all walks of life and has worked extensively in the corporate and local community for 30+ years, speaking and training thousands of people.

Maureen is wise, humorous and masterful at helping others trust that what they desire is valid. She has an intuitive understanding and her advice is consultative yet direct to get people going with making lasting changes they know they need to make.

With her expressive and engaging style, Maureen captures her audience’s attention as well as their hearts. As a trainer of other trainers, coaches and mentors she has helped many to express themselves authentically and grow personally and professionally. She continues to receive high accolades from her audiences as a dynamic and compelling leader, trainer and mentor.

Maureen can show you exactly how to make great things happen in your personal and professional life. She is not one who abdicates the “status quo”. She will make you think and reach for a better way knowing that we are all unlimited in our ability to make a difference.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, with a focus on Training and Performance Improvement. She has her BA in Psychology and understands what motivates people. She has been coaching and mentoring others for 30 years and has witnessed hundreds of extraordinary transformations.

When you are looking to make a change in your life and are reaching for something better, Maureen can help you harness that energy to truly let go of the past and move forward into a new way of living using the tools of her powerfully designed programs.

While raising a family, Maureen spent 7 years in higher education completing her academic degrees while working full-time. She knows how to get things done! But what she learned will surprise you. There is a way to work smarter not harder by using the tools of personal introspection, forgiveness of self and others, and tapping into our internal gifts, such as intuition, to move forward and create an authentic life.

Maureen is living her Soul purpose by following her passion of training leaders in the workplace and coaching Millennials on how to develop their potential.

We are all meant to thrive not just survive.

Maureen has spoken to and touched thousands by sharing her story of personal growth and transformation. She provides practical advice and teaches workshops and corporate classes on everything from Leadership Principles for Supervisors to Presentation Survival School.

Maureen is also a Reiki Master and is attuned to channeling and using the Chi energy of life in her practice. This provides a soothing and life affirming energy in her manner as she holds the space in which she speaks to groups and when coaching individuals.

Maureen and her husband Paul Gemme volunteer in their community and inspire people to live a life of fulfillment. They live in Windsor Locks, CT.

They have a photo blog called “Barns Along the Way” on Facebook. When out on their Goldwing motorcycle, they take pictures of unique barns and share them on Facebook. You can LIKE their page at: http://www.facebook.com/barnsalongtheway

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Here is a list of training topics in the Emerge Leadership Academy Course Catalog:

  • Building Better Teams
  • Business Leadership: Becoming Management Material
  • Change and How to Deal with It
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Communication Strategies
  • Mastering Emotional Intelligence
  • Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
  • Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict
  • Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School
  • The Practical Trainer
  • The Leadership Empowerment Action Program (1-on-1 Coaching Program)


With personal growth comes transformation and with it more freedom, empowerment and happiness than you can imagine!

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